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Facial Rejuvenation (Surgical)

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Blepharoplasty can rejuvenate puffy, sagging or tired-looking eyes by removing excess fat, skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Read More…

Brow Lift

Browlifts can revitalize drooping or lined foreheads, helping you to look less angry, sad or tired. Read More…

Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that attempts to reshape the person’s facial topography into a more visually aesthetic form. Read More…


Dermabrasion removes a layer of surface skin to improve the appearance of facial scarring due to acne, chicken pox, injury or other causes, as well as uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, tattoos, age spots and certain kinds of skin lesions. Read More…

Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction sculpts the face by by removing areas of fat from the cheeks, chin or neck (“neck lift”). Read More…

Hair Restoration (Hair Transplant)

Customized treatment plans for individual patients using the latest techniques and technology make it possible to successfully compensate for thinning hair or baldness. Read More…

Rhinoplasty (Nasal Surgery)

Rhinoplasty, or Nasal Surgery, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today. It can reshape, reduce or augment a person’s nose to achieve facial harmony and boost self-confidence. Read More…

Rhytidectomy (Face Lifts)

In time, gravity, sun exposure, and the stresses of daily life take their toll on our faces: deep creases appear beside the mouth, the jaw line slackens, and folds and fat deposits appear on the neck. Read More…

Otoplasty (Ear Re-Shaping)

Ear surgery typically serves two functions: setting prominent ears back closer to the head, and reducing the size of large ears. Surgery may also be helpful for “lop ear,” “cupped ear” and “shell ear,” large or stretched earlobes, and lobes with large creases and wrinkles. Read More…

If you are interested in learning more about any of our facial rejuvenation procedures, call 302-633-7550 today to schedule an appointment.


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